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Puffer Introduction

More than a stake pool

Puffer is much more than just a staking pool; it's a protocol that works to fortify Ethereum's heart. At its core, Ethereum's security and credible neutrality relies on a vast network of nodes. We're on a mission to ensure a thriving decentralized pocket amidst the broader validator set, making home-staking not just feasible but extraordinarily viable!

With Puffer, you get more with less. We amplify nodes' capital efficiency through a reduced bond requirement of just 2 ETH, supercharging their economic potential with unique restaking services, and ensuring peak hardware efficiency and reduced risk using anti-slashing TEEs (Secure-Signer).

By leveraging these unique opportunities, Puffer is able to empower at-home nodes by providing a viable way for the Ethereum community to increase decentralization, and solidify Ethereum’s robustness, bolstering the overarching security of the network.

As we continue to navigate the frontier of blockchain technology, and open up to a new wave of adoption, it remains increasingly important for liquid staking protocols (LSPs) to continue innovating. By introducing unique yield strategies, Puffer can empower at-home nodes and provide them with the necessary defences to ward off centralizing forces that pose a threat to Ethereum’s credible neutrality.


Increase the viability of at-home validators

The Ethereum staking industry is in a race to the bottom, and the low-margin business of operating nodes is most easily filled by institutions, leading to centralization (more on risks of LSTs). Considering the high hardware costs and associated operating risks, becoming an at-home staker is not economically viable. Puffer aims to address this issue by mitigating the risks tied to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) operations, lowering the bond requirement, and offering additional reward opportunities by better utilizing hardware via unique restaking services.